About Kat Green

Artist, Kat Green draws inspiration from a range of sources. Originally from New Zealand, Kat travelled extensively before settling on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

"I have always drawn inspiration from my travels and from nature. Even since I was a child I have been fascinated with ancient architecture and all the decorative work artisans put into their sculptures and painting within those structures. I also love how the architects of that time drew so much inspiration from nature, showing this in their repeating patterns, plant motifs, curved walls and vaulted ceilings.

Visiting cathedrals and opera houses of Europe I was in awe of how much thought, detail and time went in to the construction and decoration of these places. I’m also overwhelmed the age of these European buildings and intrigued by the patina of age which rests upon those left in disrepair over years. I have endeavoured to capture this sense of age in my work, and even included photographic transfers (my own photographic work) from some of the places I have visited.

Secondly, my inspiration comes from nature. Right from cell level, patterns and beautiful shapes have been created, even before any human put their hand on a paintbrush/charcoal stick/hammer and chisel. Nature - what has been already made for us, and architecture - what we have made of it ourselves."